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3D Modeling

We offer complete 3D modeling services. We create custom 3D models for products and devices, or we can import CAD models from SolidWorks and Pro-Engineer. We also use 3D digital scanners for accurate modeling of working prototypes.

3D Animation

PDG has created 3D product animations for Bose and Timberland. We have animated 3D logos for Bob Vila, Avid, and Phillips. We also create anatomically correct medical animations for healthcare companies and pharmaceutical companies. We specialize in creating 3D animations of medical devices.

Motion Graphics

We create 2D graphics using Adobe After Effects, 3DS Max, and Adobe Animate. We produce explainer videos, info-graphics, interactive animations, and animated banners. We also specialize in animated data presentation.


Medical Illustrator, Paul Pridgeon has nearly 20 years of experience creating accurate illustrations for some of the country's major, hospitals, universities, and healthcare organizations. PDG also creates technical illustrations for user manuals, websites, and print publications.

Graphic Design & Branding

We design logos for large healthcare companies and small startups. We Create branding and design packages for many small businesses - providing business cards, brochures, trade-show banners, and web graphics. PDG got its start in broadcast design creating design packages for Home Again with Bob Vila and Wild Wild Web.


Art Director, Paul Pridgeon has 20 years of experience as an animator and video producer. He will help with concept and script development, and he storyboards all his own videos. PDG specializes in marketing and educational videos, and they offer video editing, narration and music production for complete in-house video production.

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