Honeywell Marketing Video

Media Production company, Pridgeon Design Group created this marketing video for Honeywell. It was produced and written by Tony Dolan from Resound Inc.  Art Director Paul Pridgeon designed the video and created the animation and info-graphics with the help of cartoonist, Scott San Giacomo. The video is a preview of Integrity and Compliance Training for new Honeywell employees.

This project started out as an interactive webpage, and they wanted an avatar to interact with the user. We did several sketches of various avatars. In the end, we ended up creating this stand-alone animation. Paul Pridgeon created several design frames, and Honeywell had specific palette limitations for a while before going back to Paul’s original design.

You can see the design process we went through on this project. The final video was translated into 11 languages, which is why we want to use icons to try to reduce the amount of text on the screen.