HemoCell Specialized Lab Automation

The Pridgeon Design Group has a long relationship with Instrumentation Laboratory. We have produced many 2D and 3D animations, marketing videos, illustrations for user manuals, designed posters and several product logos for them. Several years ago we were asked to design this logo for their Homostasis Diagnostics product, HemoCell Specialized Lab Automation:

HemoCELL Specialized Lab Automation Logo

In the past year, we produced the marketing video for the HemoCell system. The video is mostly comprised of 3D animations that illustrate the features and versatility of the Specialized Lab Automation System. In order to create the animations, we needed accurate 3D models of the systems and equipment found in testing labs of various sizes. We were able to get some of ILWW’s SolidWorks files imported, and we built many custom models of analyzers and other testing equipment from scratch. We assembled two testing labs, one simple small lab, and a significantly larger and more complex lab that could handle a much greater volume and variety of testing. The main selling point of the HemoCell system is how you can start with a small configuration and add on to it as your needs and laboratory spaces expand.

For more information about HemoCell Specialized Lab Automation and to watch our video click the button below:

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