Timberland 3D shoe model

Timberland Project Better

The Pridgeon Design Group created this 3D shoe model and  3D Animation of the Timberland Company’s new shoe: Project Better: Side Vent Slip-On. We created a 3D model from doing 3D scans of a working shoe prototype and imported it into Autodesk 3DS Max. We scanned each component of the shoe separately and then assembled the different layers in the animation. This animation was used in videos that were created by Timberland to promote this new shoe concept, a casual, comfortable shoe, that mimics walking barefoot. The slip-ons are holistically designed with stretch and flex points to support natural motion, with a minimal aesthetic.

You can compare how closely our 3D model matched the real shoe on the Timberland site here.

The Pridgeon Group is a 3D animation company with studios in Boston and Sarasota.