Pridgeon Design Group’s 3D Animation Demo. Check us out!

Pridgeon Design Group’s 3D Animation Demo. Check us out!

3D Animation Demo
This is the Pridgeon Design Groups latest 3D animation demo. This is just a small sampling of some of the types of animation we produce:

  • ¬†Medical Animation
  • Logo Animation
  • Architectural Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Technical Animation

We can create 3D models and characters from scratch, or if you have SolidWorks or CAD files of a medical device or industrial product we can use those files and import them into our 3D animation software to make them come to life.

Our team can design a logo for you, or if you already have a logo, we can create an exciting animation for you. Our most recent logo animation is the 3D logo animation for Premium Shield. One of the first projects Pridgeon Design did in our first year was the Show Open for Bob Vila’s Home Again. In this demo is one of the 3D animated bumpers we created for the graphic package of that show..

The Pridgeon Design Group produces 3D medical animations for videos and web-based content. We have created medical animations on:vhip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery, glaucoma, spinal stenosis, weight loss surgery, breast cancer surgery, coronary artery disease, and many other types of medical procedures and conditions.

All animations in this demo where created by Paul Pridgeon and Nadav Meshoulam using 3DS Max and Adobe After Effects.